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Alteration Tips; Tricks To Make Your Dresses Easy To Alter:

1. Halter strap
2. Bodice Adjustments
3. Another easy way to fine tune the bodice fit at bust and waist:
4. What to do if the cups are just a little too big on you:

Halter strap

All dresses come with a removable halter strap so that you have the option of wearing the dress strapless. The halter strap is affixed in the classic vintage manner by buttons inside the bodice and buttonholes on the strap ends. PLEASE be sure your halter strap is tight enough for maximum flattering support. Use the multiple buttonholes on the strap, or if necessary take a minute to adjust the placements of the buttons inside the bodice. Some larger-busted gals may find they prefer the move the strap to the top of the cups for more support.

Bodice Adjustments (For our elastic paneled bodices)

For a seamstress that speaks English well, this written explanation should be very understandable. If not, try to understand the principles here and then explain them. This technique is not a common one so your alterations person might “do it the hard way” if you don’t give them OUR instructions.

To adjust the bust, waist or hips on the dress, you can take out the zipper, and redistribute the extra fabric down the back of the dress, and replace the zipper. Do not allow the alterations person to attempt to adjust the front of the dress, except at the strap as described above.

Another easy way to fine tune the bodice fit at bust and waist:

Open up the WAIST seam only in the area you need in order to get to the ENDS of the strips of elastic. You may also have to PARTIALLY open the zipper in the place where you need to adjust. These elastic strips are like "drawstrings" and we have left them a little long just so that they can be adjusted easily.

Release the vertical bodice seam that secures the ends of those strips of elastic, doing so only only in the area you need to adjust.

"Draw up" or release the strips of elastic, as needed, to tighten or loosen the dress, only where you need to do so.

Restitch the side seam that you released in order to re-secure those elastic ends.

Restitch the waist seam.

Restitch the section of the zipper you needed to open, if it was necessary.

This alteration should take no more than one hour. Zipper replacement is the most commonly requested alteration and is generally very inexpensive. As long as the directions here are understood, only moderate "dry-cleaner" level alteration skills will be needed.

What to do if the cups are just a little too big on you:

"Cookies" are small push up pads that are sometimes put into a removable pocket in the lower part of a bra or else can be purchased by themselves (well, in a pair) in a well-stocked bra or foundations department.

They are not “falsies”. They are about the size of a small cookie (imagine that!) and all they do is to push some of the flesh curve on the under side of your breast to the upper side of your breast, so that the breast clings attractively to the upper part of the bodice.

Push up pads do the same thing but just tend to be a bit larger. They have different shapes, some also pushing both the outer lower breast AND the middle lower breast up.

The best thing to do is to try them on with our dresses, since we do our best to design our “BUILT” bodices so that they are both the dress and the bra. Take that dress right into the foundation department, ask the clerk for some push up pads and cookies, and go in the fitting room to and see what works best for you with the dress.

Whirlingturban assures you (with considerable authority) that this is what makes the Hollywood glamour queens what they are (or appear to be.) It’s that little bit of extra effort and expertise more than it is “extra generosity doled out to certain dolls from That Big Production Line In The Sky”!

So, take the time and invest in your shelf!

And don’t forget to use tiny safety pins or hand tack those cookies or pads in place in your dress before nights of abandon on the town!